Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin

Notice Of Potential Opportunities

This is a list of possible, future procurements. These potential procurement opportunities may or may not occur, depending on the needs of the State universities.

Potential Opportunities browse results
Description University May be
Needed By
Audio Visual Integration Services IPHEC 5/31/14 Daniel Szajna
Cafeteria Furniture IMSA 6/30/14 Carla Carreno
Resident Halls Cleaning IMSA 6/30/14 Carla Carreno
System to Boost Indoor Reception for Cellular Serv IMSA 6/30/14 Carla Carreno
Online Travel Booking Tool & Travel Agency Srvcs. IPHEC 6/30/14 Daniel Szajna
Athletic Charter Bus Transportation SIUC 6/30/14 Kelly Paxton
Media Planning and Media Buying Services SIUE 6/30/14 Gina Grace
TV/Radio Creation Advertising Services SIUE 6/30/14 Gina Grace
Chiller Maintenance Services UIS 6/30/14 Jill Menezes
HVAC services for the UIS Campus UIS 6/30/14 Jill Menezes
Paper and Envelopes for UIS Campus Services UIS 6/30/14 Jill Menezes
Roof Maintenance UIS 6/30/14 Jill Menezes