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Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin


Vendor Alerts

  • CPO Announcement: Prohibition on Political Contributions

    With the approaching election season, the Chief Procurement Office would like to remind vendors of the prohibition on political contributions found in Section 50-37 of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/50-37). We encourage every vendor to be familiar with this section of the Code and to seek legal advice as to how this section affects your company. Go to the CPO Announcement Page for more information.

Vendor Requirements

All vendors who wish to bid on State of Illinois public university contracts must:

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For more information about these and other vendor requirements, refer to Doing Business with Universities.

Solicitations & Awards

Notice of Potential Opportunity
Real Property Purchases
Joint/Cooperative Purchases
Procurement # Description University Posted Opens Type
BA644NC14033 SRC-Renovate Shower Stalls UIC 4/2/14 4/29/14 Construction
S1256M Window Replacement at Faner Hall Courtyard SIUC 4/1/14 5/01/14 Construction
BAU12145 Abbott Power Plant - Gas Boiler Replacement UIUC 4/1/14 5/02/14 Construction
CC10969 University High School Parking Lot Whitetopping ISU 4/2/14 5/08/14 Construction
CC10985 Linkins Dining Center Roof Replacement ISU 4/17/14 5/14/14 Construction
BAU14029 508 S. Sixth Street-Entry Vestibule & Rm 100 Renov UIUC 4/21/14 5/22/14 Construction
smo052714 Douglas Hall Asbestos Abatement Project NIU 4/22/14 5/27/14 Construction
D1417TMS Academic Computing Lab & Library Renovations GSU 3/11/14 Awarded Construction
R059519 Roof Repairs WIU 3/25/14 Awarded Bid
R259515 Carpenters WIU 3/25/14 Awarded Bid
BAU13133 Loomis Laboratory - Room 276 Classroom Renovation UIUC 2/10/14 Awarded Construction
8946 Renovations of the Skywalk Cafe SIUE 3/31/14 Awarded Construction
BAU13143 CERL - Main Building #1 AHU Replacement UIUC 1/28/14 Awarded Construction
BAU13043 Foellinger Auditorium - Balcony Seating Renovation UIUC 1/16/14 Awarded Construction
R049464 North Quad Wireless Access WIU 3/11/14 Awarded Bid
BAU13085 Sherman Hall - Elevator Replacement - Phase I UIUC 2/12/14 Awarded Construction
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