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Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin


Vendor Alerts

  • Illinois Procurement Gateway

    Vendors are now able to use the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) to submit certain procurement-related information in advance of responding to solicitations. Registering in advance will save time, money and effort, and will reduce the risk of being disqualified for administrative errors.

    Instead of submitting paper forms for certain required information (such as company ownership, Department of Human Right's public contract number and State Board of Elections registration number), vendors are able to submit the information electronically in advance. Upon approval, vendors will receive a registration number and expiration date that can be included in solicitation responses in lieu of submitting various paper forms with every response. For additional information, visit the IPG Help.

    To assist vendors in navigating the IPG, both webinar and on-site training is offered. Attendance in a session is highly encouraged. The Training Schedule contains information on upcoming sessions.

Vendor Requirements

All vendors who wish to bid on State of Illinois public university contracts must:

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For more information about these and other vendor requirements, refer to Doing Business with Universities.

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