IPHEC Commodities

Commodity Code Description Responsible University
IPHEC-A    Furniture and Furnishings Group
IPHEC-A-1 Furniture, office, steel UI
IPHEC-A-2 Mattresses EIU
IPHEC-A-3 Carpet tile and installation UIC
IPHEC-C    Office Supply Group
IPHEC-C-1 Stockless office supplies UI
IPHEC-C-19 Library security tape UIS
IPHEC-C-23 Audio visual products UI
IPHEC-D    Operations Maintenance Group
IPHEC-D-3 Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and janitorial supplies UIUC
IPHEC-D-10 Ballasts NIU
IPHEC-E    Paper-Forms-Tapes Group
IPHEC-E-1 Paper, cut, plain duplicator, xerographic, etc. UIS
IPHEC-F    Scientific/Laboratory Group
IPHEC-F-1 Laboratory apparatus, supplies, and chemicals UI
IPHEC-F-2 Microscopes and optical accessories UI
IPHEC-F-3 Life science catalog products UI
IPHEC-I    Financing
IPHEC-I-1 Financing UIC
IPHEC-I-2 Procurement card services EIU
IPHEC-J    Insurance
IPHEC-J-1 Insurance broker services ISU
IPHEC-J-2 Auto insurance ISU
IPHEC-K    Search Firm Services
IPHEC-K-1 Search firm services UI
IPHEC-L    Transportation Services
IPHEC-L-1 Small package transportation services UI
IPHEC-M    Travel Services
IPHEC-M-1 Travel related services UIUC
IPHEC-N    Computers
IPHEC-N-1 Computer peripherals UI
IPHEC-N-2 Microcomputers UI
IPHEC-O    Computer Software
IPHEC-O-1 e-Procurement UI
IPHEC-O-2 Electronic bookseller UI
IPHEC-P    Food
IPHEC-R    Services
IPHEC-R-1 Consulting, training, and developmental services UI
IPHEC-R-2 Cost recovery services UI
IPHEC-R-3 Collection agency services UI