About the Public Higher Education Bulletin

What Is the Illinois Procurement Bulletin/Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPB/HE)?

The IPB/HE is a free online resource for vendors wishing to do business with the public universities in Illinois. Participating universities post notices for upcoming bids, requests for proposal, requests for information, solicitation documents, and awards.

Vendors can search for notices that may be of interest to them, download bid documents, and return to check the status of a bid.

Publication Policy

The Office of the Higher Education Chief Procurement Officer publishes IPB/HE notices based on information provided by each of the State Universities. Each State University independently determines which notices are submitted to the IPB/HE for publication based on the requirements.

See the Publication Schedule to find out when and for how long advertisements are posted and a listing of IPB/HE holidays. Anticipated downtimes for the IPB/HE, for service or upgrades, are noted on the homepage under Announcements.

How to use the Public Higher Education Bulletin

Looking for Notices

  • Browse - Select the "Browse" tab on the homepage to see a listing of types of notices or geographical regions for which notices may appear. The expandable/contractible listing allows you to view all current notices in a larger grouping, or narrow it down to a more specific selection. The Browse feature is recommended if you are unsure of what search terms to use or are new to the IPB/HE.
  • Search - The Search feature on the homepage of the IPB/HE helps you to quickly locate notices by entering a known procurement number (or partial) or a search term of your choice. The search will comb through all notices to find the requested number or words, including a list of related NIGP Codes.
  • Document Downloads - Some notices will have bid documents, such as descriptions and amendments, associated with them. To download the documents, you must log on and verify your contact information so that you can receive subsequent updates to the documents. If you have never logged on to the IPB/HE before, you will be given the opportunity to set up an account. When requesting the documents, you will have the option of selecting the means of delivery (e.g. electronic download, e-mail, etc.)

Navigating the Site

  • Links to the key information for vendors are available from the IPB/HE's homepage as well as from a menu bar at the top of each informational page.

    Menu Bar

  • The "Related Info" area signals helpful information or links associated with the information on that page.

    Related Info

  • The "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each page accesses a list of university and Bulletin contact information.

    Contact Us

  • Once you have logged on to My Bulletin, you will remain logged on for the duration of your visit, until you log off. This means you can access download information from notices without having to log on again during the same session.

Vendor Services

My Bulletin

Register for My Bulletin to take advantage of these perks:

  • Download bid documents - To download bid documents, you must register with the IPB/HE. This allows us to send follow-up notices/amendments related to the items you have requested.
  • Receive E-mail notifications - Sign up to receive e-mail notifications of new solicitations matching your chosen criteria.
  • Register for E-bidding - in order to submit procurement documents electronically, you must register with the IPB/HE. See the other requirements for E-bidding, below.


The IPB/HE allows for vendors to electronically submit procurement documents in response to procurement opportunities. In order to register for e-bidding you must complete the following.

Once you have completed the above use the Vendor E-Bidding Instructions to start E-Bidding.