Public Higher Education Bulletin

Categories and Keywords

Category Keyword Types of items included in the Keyword
Agricultural equipment & supplies Agricultural equipment and farm implements; farm animal cages, bedding, and equipment; fence and fencing; fertilizers and soil conditioners; irrigation systems; pesticides and herbicides; rent/lease or repair/maintenance of agricultural equipment; seeds, grains, and agricultural plants
Livestock Live farm animals
Veterinary supplies & services
Commodities & general services
Association memberships Association dues, memberships, registration fees, and services associated with membership. Dues and registration fees. Educational review and/or accreditation services as either an association member or as an independent review service.
Athletic, marine, & recreation Athletic gear and uniforms; collapsible bleachers; plaques, awards, trophies; exercise and fitness equipment; recreation equipment and supplies; playground equipment; synthetic field surfaces, running tracks and tennis courts; rent/lease and repair/maintenance of athletic equipment; and equip, supplies and services.
Clothing, uniforms, accessories & services Academic regalia; apparel, band, medical, police, and food service worker uniforms; clothing for resale; graduation caps and gowns; lab coats; shoes and boots; work clothing
Disability equip, supplies & services Interpreters for the deaf, readers for the blind, wheelchairs
Educational materials & supplies Optical scanning forms, Scantron forms
Events Athletic events; conferences; seminars; workshops that may include banquets, catering, lodging (hotel services), meals, breakout rooms
Financial & risk mgmt services Collection services, banking services, credit card, insurance, 3rd party leasing, spend/procurement analysis
Floral Floral supplies; fresh cut flowers;
Food, food service equipment Catering; commercial and home ice-making machines; commercial and home microwave ovens, refrigerators, and freezers; food; food and beverage products; food handling equipment and supplies; food vending services; kitchen equipment; kitchen smallwares; kitchen utensils and gadgets; meat and produce; paper and plastic dining supplies; other food products, services, rent/lease and repair/maintenance of equipment
Furnishings, draperies, floor coverings Bedding, carpeting, floor covering, linoleum, linens, mats, mattresses, re-upholstery services, textiles, tile, towels, upholstery and fabric, wall hangings and picture frames, wallpaper and other wall covering, window coverings, and supplies & services
Furniture All types of classroom, dormitory, laboratory, library, and office furniture; outdoor furniture, including tables, benches, etc.; repair/maintenance
General administrative services Executive search, call centers, coder, coding, foreign and sign language interpreters, inventory, realtor, realtor services, temporary help, temporary help agencies, transcription, writer, and other services that do not qualify as Professional and Artistic Services
Industrial gases & containers Compressed/liquefied gases, dry ice, rent/lease of cylinders, welding gases,
Laundry equip, supplies & services Commercial/home washers and dryers, irons, mangles; dry cleaning; rental and laundry services; repair/maintenance of laundry equipment soaps and detergents; uniform and linen (shop towels and dustmops)
Leasing Lease of real property, space rental, use of facilities
Library materials, subscriptions Books, database connections, electronic subscriptions, other publications
Material handling Material handling equipment, supplies & services; cardboard boxes; carts; containers; forklifts; industrial shelving; moving; rigging; scales; and storage
Metals, plastics, & glass supplies & services Fabrication services, gems and precious stones/metals, Plexiglas, Structural steel, wire mesh
Musical instruments Accessories, band and orchestra instruments, equipment, music, organs, piano tuning, pianos, repair/maintenance, risers, supplies and services
Novelty & gift items Costume jewelry, gift items, novelties, personal care toiletries (razors, toothpaste, shampoo, soaps, etc.) postcards, toys, (could be for resale)
Property Purchases Property Purchases
Safety/security equip, supplies & services Batteries; body protection such as masks, safety shoes/glasses; fire and security alarm systems; fire suppression systems; firearms and ammunition; fireproofing; locksmith; metal detector; security services, including background checks, fingerprinting, etc.
Signage Architectural signage; banners, identification equipment, supplies and services; name plates and tags; signs
Theatrical equipment & supplies Costumes, lighting, makeup, rigging, scenery, and sound systems
Computers, electronics, telecommunications
Audio/visual equipment Broadcasting equipment; broadcasting rights; broadcasting services; computer display projectors; overhead, film, and slide projectors; programming; public address systems; records, films, and pre-recorded tapes; rent, lease, repair, or maintenance; satellite systems; supplies and services; tape editing equipment; televisions; VCRs; videotape and film production
Computer hardware Accessories; batteries; cables; CPUs; hardware; hardrives; monitors; peripheral devices; printers and cartridges; rent, lease, repair, or maintenance; supplies; terminals and displays; wireless equipment
Computer software Site license agreements, online university catalog, software, software maintenance
Electronic components & supplies Circuit boards, instruments, power supply, resistors, tubes, uninterruptible power supply
Scanning/imaging equipment Accessories, bar code scanners, digital senders, document imaging scanners, other supplies and services, scanning services
Telecommun equipment, supplies & services Cell phones; GPS; headsets; mass notification systems; pagers and paging systems; radios and systems; rent, lease, repair, or maintenance; telephone sets and systems; wireless systems
Concessions Revenue generating transactions such as pouring rights, sponsorships, patents, royalties, and other intellectual properties
Construction-new buildings Electrical and telecommunications/data work; excavation; furniture, fixtures, and equipment; general work; painting; plumbing, temperature control, heating, piping, and refrigeration work; sprinkler work; ventilation and air distribution work; windows and doors
Construction-remodeling Electrical and telecommunications/data work; excavation; demolition; furniture, fixtures, and equipment; general work; painting; plumbing, temperature control, heating, piping, and refrigeration work; sprinkler work; ventilation and air distribution work; windows and doors
Construction-remodeling & additions Electrical and telecommunications/data work; excavation; demolition; furniture, fixtures, and equipment; general work; painting; plumbing, temperature control, heating, piping, and refrigeration work; sprinkler work; ventilation and air distribution work; windows and doors
Construction-site work Curbing, excavation, final grading, gazebos, hardscape, interlocking pavers, landscaping, mulch, pavements, pavilions, park shelters, plant materials, retaining walls, sidewalks, signage, sod, trees
Construction-utility work Chilled water, domestic water, electrical service extension, fire alarm, gas, irrigation, sanitary sewer, sprinkler water extension, steam extension, storm sewer, telecommunications/data extension
Construction services
Architect/Landscape architect Bidding, construction administration, construction contract documents, design development, feasibility study, interior design, on-site observation, program analysis/concept development, program definition, schematic design, warranty
Commissioning Cash flow analysis, construction administration commissioning plan and implementation, design review and analysis, project requirements review, program review, project scheduling
Construction management Budget review, construction acceptance, construction cost estimates, construction management services, cost accounting, design review, project scheduling, value engineering, warranty services
Land Surveyor
Master planning Design guidelines, land acquisition options, master plan evaluation criteria, master development services, planning objectives, planning options, surveys
Other Construction-Related Services Energy Services, ESCO
Laboratory, scientific, research
Laboratory gases Compressed/liquefied gases and containers
Electronic, microscopic, & optical equip Accessories, image analysis systems, laser, microscopes, optical and vibration equipment and supplies, optical components, oscilloscopes, repair and maintenance of optical equipment, scientific instruments, and supplies and services
Lab/research equipment Biochemicals, biosafety cabinets, cages for laboratory animals, centrifuges, chemical analysis, chemicals, culture media, fume hoods, glassware, growth chambers and incubators, microplate instrumentation equipment, radioactive materials, rent, lease, repair, or maintenance of laboratory equipment spectrometers, supplies and services, vacuum pumps and fittings
Dental equipment, supplies & services
Drugs & pharmaceuticals Drugs, Pharmaceutical supplies, and controlled substances
Hospital/medical equipment, supp & servs First-aid and emergency equipment/supplies, instruments, operating room equipment/supplies, x-ray equipment/supplies
Veterinary supplies & services (See Agriculture)
Repair services All office repair services except photocopiers
Machines Calculators, cash registers, dictating equipment, fax machines, mailing equipment, shredders, typewriters
Photocopy equipment Paper, photocopiers, rent/lease and repair/maintenance, repair and maintenance, toner, supplies and maintenance
Supplies Art supplies, binders, desk accessories, envelopes, filing supplies, folders, office machine ribbons, paper, pencils, pens, postage, stationery
Physical plant, maintenance, grounds, repairs
Building maintenance Elevator maintenance services, painting, repairs
Electrical supplies ADA handicap operators (automatic doors); ballasts, fixtures, and lighting components; conduit, raceway and fittings; electrical distribution equipment; fuses and breakers; high voltage switchgear and related equipment; lamping; motor control equipment; power generation equipment; power supply; rent/lease equipment transformers; wire and cable; uninterruptible power supply
Fuels & lubricants Automotive, biomass, coal, fuel tanks and containers, gasoline and diesel fuel, heating and energy, refrigeration oils and lubricants
General construction materials Asphalt, blocks, bricks, builder supplies (for structural steel, see Metals) concrete, concrete masonry units, fasteners (nails, screws, etc.), hardware, lumber, mortar, paving bricks, plywood, small pre-fabricated structures, stone, wallboard
Grounds maintenance equipment & services Bedding; fertilizers and soil conditioners; greenhouse equipment and supplies; irrigation systems; landscaping plants, trees, and shrubs; pest control; pesticides and herbicides; and seeds; snow removal
Heating, ventilation & air conditioning Air conditioners, air filters, chillers and cooling towers, coils, compressors, controls and control components, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, fans, furnaces and boilers, gaskets and seals, maintenance and other services, rent and lease equipment, and tubing and fittings
Janitorial equipment, supplies & services Cleaning supplies, floor maintenance equipment and supplies, garbage bags, janitorial paper supplies, janitorial services, vacuum cleaners, waxes
Plumbing supplies Faucets, fittings, pipe, sinks, and traps; maintenance and other services; plumbing fixtures and supplies; pumps and components; registers, grills, and diffusers; rent or lease equipment; tanks and valves; and water treatment supplies and equipment
Tools Hand and power tools, shop and machine tools, supplies, welding equipment and supplies
Utilities, power plant equipment Boiler cleaning and repair; chemicals; cooling towers and chillers; electricity; environmental control equipment generators; natural gas; power; supplies and services; turbine repair and maintenance servicing
Waste mgmt & removal Disaster recovery services, Hazardous material disposal (asbestos, lead, mold), recycling, refuse collection and containers, remediation
Printing, photography, advertising
Advertising Advertising services; print, broadcast, and electronic advertising; promotional items
Mailing equipment & printing Bookbinding, design or artwork, duplicating, engraved or embossed documents, mailing services, photocopying, printing, supplies and services
Photographic & micrographic equipment Cameras; developing chemicals; microfilms; micrographic readers; photographic film; photographic and micrographic equipment, supplies and services; ID/yearbook photos
Professional & artistic services
Billing Services
Collection Services
Art/artifact restoration Art and historical artifacts or objects repair, maintenance & restoration
Artist Commissions for paintings or other artwork that would not be included in graphic design.
Entertainment Limited to performances requiring extraordinary skill and expertise. Includes guest speakers and presenters. Also includes monster truck rallies, Harlem Globetrotters, etc.
Musician Commissions for music composition
Clinical Psychology
Data Processing
Consultant--IT Information Technology Consulting, Technical support
Network Design
Systems Analyst
Environmental Analyst
Environmental Engineer
Land Appraiser
Land Use Planner
Administrative Law Judge
Court Reporting
Hearing Officer
Law Clerk
Legal Services
Management/Administrative Services
Banking Services
Bookstore Operations
Executive Search Executive search firms
Investment Services
Marketing and Media Services
Audio/Video Production
Commercial Photographer Photography requiring a high degree of professional and artistic expertise. Can include photography for public relations and marketing projects.
Graphic Designer
Media Consultant
Public Relations
Coder, Coding
Medical temporary staffing Temporary medical staffing
Medical Transcriber
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Science/Research (Other) Survey research and science or research activities that do not fit other categories.
Freight & shipping Air and truck freight, moving, pipeline services, towing services
Transportation equip, supplies & services Airplane or aircraft parts, batteries, CNG conversion systems for automobiles
Vehicle leasing and rental Car and truck leasing or charter services
Vehicles Airplanes, cars, trucks, buses, vans, boats, motor homes
Agency Services air charter, bus, limousine, and rail passenger services; travel agencies
Lodging Accommodations (meals and lodging);
Study Abroad