Doing Business with Public Universities

Requirements for Vendors

All vendors who wish to bid on Illinois public university contracts must:
  1. Be a legal entity authorized to do business in Illinois in conformance with the Illinois Secretary of State. This applies to in-state and out-of-state vendors.
    More on legal entity registration
  2. Register with the Illinois State Board of Elections and obtain from them a certificate confirming your registration (applies if you do $50,000 worth of business annually, including the business you do with all state of Illinois agencies and the value of the current project that you are bidding).
    More on Illinois State Board of Elections registration rules | Illinois State Board of Elections registration site
  3. Hold a current Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) Bidder Eligibility Number (IDHR numbers 89999-00-0 or lower expired on August 31, 1999).
    More on bidder eligibility | IDHR site
  4. Register for a Public Higher Education Bulletin My Bulletin account if you wish to download solicitation documents, receive E-mail notifications of opportunities, and more.
    Register for a My Bulletin account
The following requirements apply to only those vendors who meet the criteria described:
  1. Apply for certification with The Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP / MAFBE) (only for small business owned by Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities).
    More on BEP | BEP Application Materials
  2. Comply with applicable requirements of the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA) Standards. All information technology, including electronic information, software, systems, and equipment, developed or provided under any contracts are subject to these standards.
    Illinois Department of Human Services IITAA Site
  3. Register for E-bidding. In order to register for e-bidding a vendor must have a My Bulletin account in the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (step 4 above) and also register and be in good standing within the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG). Once you have a My Bulletin account and are registered with the IPG you can then register for E-bidding.

Suggested Reading for Potential Vendors