Vendor Legal Authorization

Vendor/Bidders may qualify to submit bids or proposals to state universities of Illinois only if they are a legal entity authorized to do business in Illinois prior to submitting the bid, offer or proposal. This applies to both in-state and out-of-state firms.

A Vendor/Bidder must be:

  • a legal entity
  • registered to conduct business in Illinois
  • in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State

Specific information regarding compliance can be obtained from (30 ILCS 500/1.15.80, 20-43). Please contact the Illinois Secretary of State for additional information.

In-State Firms

Corporations (Corp); Limited Liability Companies (LLC); Limited Partnerships (LP); Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLLP) - Please contact the Illinois Secretary of State for further information.

Sole Proprietorships - If the firm's name is the same as the sole proprietor's name, nothing is required.

Out-of-State Firms

All Out-of-State Firms - A foreign vendor is defined as any vendor who has not incorporated within the State of Illinois. A Guide for Qualifying Foreign Corporations, published by the Secretary of State, will answer your questions on how to qualify your Corporation/LLC to do business in Illinois. Please direct your questions to the Illinois Secretary of State.