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Public Higher Education Bulletin

Chicago State University
Bid #0808PD

Invitation for Construction Bid: Police Station Expansion Project

Award Info
Published Friday December 28, 2007
Awarded to:
Contractor:  Loung's Corporation, Chicago, IL
Amount:  $249,000
Terms:   One-time transaction
Number of Unsuccessful, Responsive Bidders: 4
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
First published Monday November 5, 2007
Project Description
The general scope of work is the renovation and upgrade of the former mailroom to be remodeled to accommodate the expanded police station. It will encompass the current police station dispatch office and close circuit television monitoring, revisions to the break room area and detention area. The remodeled space will include new lighting, roll call area, detention area, parking area and reception area for the public. Mechanical alterations will include revised air conditioning, heating and lighting. There are general notes on the drawing set that describe the particular standards that the work is to be conducted under, including the scope of demolition.

An expanded work scope description will be provided by the architect/engineer, Donovan Beech and Raymond Hammond. Should you have any other questions in this regard, please contact either of the principals at Dynacept or Mike Orr, Chicago Stae University.
Sealed bids will be accepted at the address below until 11:00 AM, Monday November 26, 2007:
Cook Administration Building, Room 111
9501 South King Drive
Chicago, IL 60628-1598
For additional information, contact:
Nate Tindall
Chicago State University
Cook Administration Building, Rm. 111
9501 South King Drive
Chicago State University
Chicago, IL 60628-1598
Phone: (733) 995-2424
All responses must include:
  • Submit 4 copies of the response as defined in the specifications.
  • Sealed envelopes containing the bids have the bid number and project title on the envelope.
  • Bid security (see complete bid for details).

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