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Public Higher Education Bulletin

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Bid #C-02-10697-0051M

Invitation for Bid: A 400 MHz NMR System

This solicitation will not be awarded
Published Tuesday May 14, 2002
All bids were rejected. The University will rebid the system.
First published Tuesday April 9, 2002
Sealed bids will be accepted at the address below until 2:00 PM, Thursday April 25, 2002:
Purchasing Office
108 Miles Hall
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901-6813

for a 400 MHz NMR system. Southern Illinois University Carbondale is seeking bids for a NMR system to meet the following minimum specifications. NMR magnet to include:

  • 9.4 Tesla (1H @ 400 MHz) Wide Bore (WB, 89 mm) Actively Shielded (AS) Magnet. AS feature is required to minimize magnet footprint of NMR magnet
  • Liquid He hold time of at least 150 days
  • Magnet to be suspended on pneumatic vibration stabilization system
  • Shim stack for magnet, must have at least 23 channels, and to be able to work with corresponding shim power supply w/NMR spectrometer
  • Must include meters for measuring cryogen levels
  • Must include liquid He transfer line

NMR Spectrometer, to include:
  • Two channel (XY or dual full-band configuration) NMR spectometer
  • Both channels must be able to generate (low power) resonant pulsed rf radiation that can reach nuclei from 1H(400MHz) to below 131Xe(<10 MHz)
  • One channel must cover from 1H down to 13C and the other from 19F down to 131XE in a 9.4T field
  • Spectrometer must be modular in design and expandable to a third broad band rf channel
  • Must be able to apply modulated high-power rf pulses on two channels simultaneously
  • Must be able to acquire NMR signals (FIDs) from both channels simultaneously
  • Must be able to quantitatively compare NMR signal strengths from different experiments with different gain settings, pulse tipping angles, signal averages etc
  • Must have receiver bandwidth of at least 3 MHz and configured for solids-level experiments and rf power
  • All components to be able to handle high power (~1000W)
  • PC or workstation for operating the spectrometer, including acquiring and pre-processing data
  • Must include NMR acquisition software for spectrometer, including an object-oriented NMR pulse-programming package
  • Computer to be network ready
  • Delivery and installation to be included in price

Multiple contracts may be awarded from this request for quotation, if deemed in the best interest of the University.

(Submitted by Pamela Brandt, State Purchasing Officer.)

For additional information, contact:
Pat Cook
Phone: (618) 453-5751
FAX: (618) 453-6714

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