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Public Higher Education Bulletin

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Sole Source #C23330-0005S

Announcement of a Sole Source Purchase

Award Info
Published Wednesday February 21, 2001
Awarded to:
Vendor:  Thermo Nicolet Corporation
Amount:  An estimated $54,982.13
Terms:   One-time transaction
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
First published Monday February 5, 2001
The University awarded a contract for a diode pumped laser to Thermo Nicolet Corporation for an estimated $54,982.13.
This laser is a a demo FT-Raman Module for Magna-IR w/air-cooled diode pumped laser, (Serial # ADL96004490). The entire package is to include one of the following units: Demo FT-Raman 180 degree reflective optics, FT-Raman Domestic English Language kit, FT-Raman insert for sample Compt. Door, FT-Raman Shade kit/50 series Magna IR Bench, XT-KBr beamsplitter (11,000-375 cm-1), room temp, InGaAs Detector for Magna-IR, import emission optical system, FT-Raman Module experiments CD Version 5.2, Passort Optical system, Magna OBC Board, Analytical OMNIC E.S.P. CD upgrade (version 5.2), OMNIC E.S.P. Help and Tutorials CD for Magna 550/560, and HeNe filter for Raman. The price quoted for the demo equipment includes a University Educational discount of $13,970.26.
For additional information, contact:
Pat Cook
Phone: (618) 453-5751
FAX: (618) 453-6714

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