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Public Higher Education Bulletin

University of Illinois at Chicago
Exemption #JMG678

Announcement of an Exempt Purchase

Change Order
Published Wednesday January 22, 2020
Vendor: National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control
Change Order Amount: $165,233

This project has an end date of 5/31/20. An extension to this end date was anticipated from the sponsor and the entirety of the needed work would be completed during that time. The CDC completed all needed work earlier than expected, including what was anticipated during the extension period.
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
Award Info Published Friday April 26, 2019
Awarded to:
Vendor: National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA
Amount: An estimated $446,290
An estimated start date of 4/29/2019 through 5/31/2020
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
First published Friday, April 26, 2019
The University awarded a contract for laboratory measurements.
Laboratory measurements PCBs, BFRs, and OC pesticides: Measurement of OC pesticides (hexachlorobenzene, beta-hexachlorocyclohexane, gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane, oxychlordane, trans- nonachlor, p,p'DDE, o,p'DDE, p,p'DDT, and mirex), BFRs and PCBs will be performed by Dr. Andreas Sjodin's laboratory at CDC. For these measurements, samples will be extracted by an automated liquid-liquid extraction procedure. Co-extracted material will be removed on an automated solid phase extraction (SPE) system using a two-layer cleanup cartridge containing silica and acid silica127. Quantification will be made by gas chromatography isotope dilution high-resolution mass spectrometry (GC/ID-HRMS). These measurements can be done on plasma samples that have been previously thawed and refrozen as long as the re-freezing has not occurred more than a few times.
This purchase is exempt from the usual selection processes of the Procurement Code because the procurement expenditure is for performing sponsored research and other sponsored activities under grants and contracts funded by the sponsor or by sources other than State appropriations. (30 ILCS 500 / 1-13(b)(8)) We could not obtain this panel of measurements at this price and with this level of expertise anywhere ealse. This work is an essential component of Dr. Persky?s NIEHS-funded R01.

For instructions on how to obtain a comprehensive purchase description, disclosure or contract forms, contact:
Jeffrey Walsh
University of Illinois at Chicago
Purchasing Division (M/C 560)
809 South Marshfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612-7203
Phone: (312) 355-3568
FAX: (312) 996-3135

The State of Illinois has a policy to encourage prospective vendors to hire qualified veterans, minorities, females, persons with disabilities and ex-offenders.

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