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Public Higher Education Bulletin

University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services
Emergency Award #621C21059

Announcement of an Emergency Award/Quick Purchase

Award Info Awarded Wednesday September 28, 2022

Airport Electric CompanyChicago, IL

  • Amount: An estimated $2,053,252
  • Terms: One-time transaction
  • Gordon Electric (subcontractor)
    BEP [35% / $0]
  • Wolf Electric (subcontractor)
    VBP [3% / $0]



1 total
0 BEP vendors
0 VBP vendors
0 Small businesses

The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.

First published Wednesday, September 28, 2022
The University awarded a contract for repairs to State property..
This emergency/quick purchase was required due to a situation in which immediate repairs were needed to prevent further loss or damage to University property.
Provide temporary generator, fuel, and infrastructure to minimize outage durations. Remove and replace existing draw out style breakers with new Eaton draw out breakers connected to existing vertical and horizontal bus infrastructure. Test, clean, and certify existing 12.47KV Transformers. Provide new bypass isolation automatic transfer switches ATS on the output of the generator paralleling switchgear. These will be located in the UPS room. Install new data ATS and switchgear in open spaces. Run all conduit for new feeders, stopping short of active equipment. Installing the new equipment that will serve the data load is crucial to minimize downtime of the data load. Provide new switchgear on the output of the equipment ATS. Install new equipment ATS and switchgear. Make all connections for equipment loads. Existing panel EMDP located in the main electrical room will also be connected to the new switchgear All connections would be inspected and retorqued. The refurbished assembly would be tested and certified.

To address only the emergency concerns with infrastructure, the following equipment will remain in place and will be replaced in future through a regular project: Existing 12.47 KV transformers, the 15 KV campus feeders to the building, ATS3.

For instructions on how to obtain a comprehensive purchase description, disclosure or contract forms, contact:
Chris Rogan
Chief Procurement Officer - John Donato
State Purchasing Officer - John Knittle

This transaction is subject to the State Board of Elections registration and certification requirements of Public Act 095-0971.

The State of Illinois has a policy to encourage prospective vendors to hire qualified veterans, minorities, females, persons with disabilities and ex-offenders.

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