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Public Higher Education Bulletin

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SoleSource #060701T
Announcement of a Sole Source Purchase
Award InfoPublished Monday June 25, 2001
Awarded to:
Vendor: NCS Pearson, Owatonna, MN,
Amount:  An estimated $40,000
Terms:  One-time transaction
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
First published Friday, June 8, 2001
The University awarded a contract for printing OMR forms to NCS Pearson, Owatonna, MN,, for an estimated $40,000 .
OMR forms must include the following:

Form #1: Student survey, up to 8-page, 3-color OMR survey booklet, stapled with a center perforation, quantity approximately 150,000 (per fiscal year beginning July, 1, 2001).

Form #2: Staff survey, up to 16-page, 3-color OMR survey booklet, stapled with a 1/4 inch spine perforation, quantity approximately 10,000 (per fiscal year beginning July 1, 2001).

The forms must be printed on paper that is Mark Reflex or equivalent (100% wood pulp paper, without water marks, printed patterns, or fluorescent additives, weight of 60 to 80 lb., white, resistant to curl, minimum 70% reflectance, .004" to .008" caliper, 100 to 400 smoothness, dimensional stability within an 8-1/2" length with grain direction plus 0.010"/minus 0.005" and cross direction plus 0.025"/minus 0.010"). Black ink must register a minimum read level of E or level 15 on an NCS Pearson Opscan scanner. Colored inks cannot exceed one read level above the average read level of the paper tested on an NCS Pearson Opscan scanner. Tolerances for register and image size must be guaranteed (plus or minus 0.010" guide edge in relation to timing track and response positions, plus or minus 0.010" color-to-color in relation to guide edge and read heads, plus or minus 0.020" guide edge trim and printing combined). Actual quantities, types and sizes of forms, paper weights and number of pages may be more or less based on actual requirements.

Additional specifications for forms are as follows:

·Must print forms designed with NCS Pearson Design Expert software (version 3.1) from a Design Expert file on diskette provided by customer. The forms must not be redesigned by the vendor with a different software package. Vendor must print from the Design Expert file, not from a camera-ready original.

·Forms must have guaranteed scannability on NCS Pearson OMR Opscan 6-50 with ink dual read head, NCS Pearson OMR Opscan 5-35 with dual read head, and NCS Pearson OMR Opscan 5-30 with dual read head.

·Forms must be compatible with Scan Tools (version 2.2) and ScanTools II (32-bit Win2000 compliant) for purposes of programming the OMR scanners referenced above. Customer as part of Design Expert file determines all scanner-programming specifications.

The University requires a minimum of two references for which the supplier has provided (within the last twelve months) a minimum of 100,000 of each form (as specified above) that ran problem free through the Opscan scanners referenced above. The supplier must provide samples of both forms per the specifications listed above. If the University determines that references and samples meet the University''s minimum requirements, the supplier will be required to provide (at no charge) one carton (2,000/each) of each form with specified inks, paper, perforations, and co-adhesive to test on the University''s equipment.

For additional information, contact:
Jim Skinner

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