Search Tips

The new search and browse functionality makes it easier to find the procurements you're looking for!
Here are a few helpful tips for searching.

Should I Search or Browse?

  • Looking for current procurements? Use the Browse tab.
  • Searching by commodity, keyword, region, or type of notice? Use the Browse tab.
  • Searching for specific terms, like "car rental"? Use the Search tab.
  • Know the procurement number (or just part of it)? Use the Search tab.
  • Looking for any procurement notice from the past? Use the Search tab.

General Tips:

  • All search results open in the current window. To go back to your search page, use your browser's Back button.
  • Search results show in a format similar to Google. Each search result has the following information, if applicable:
    • Procurement number and Title
    • Small snippet of the procurement
    • University procuring the item
    • Type of Notice
    • Procurement status:
      • Published - Has been published for public viewing
      • Awarded - Has been awarded
      • Non-Awarded - has been determined to not be awarded after the opening date has passed.
      • Cancelled - has been cancelled prior to the opening date
  • Narrow down your search results using the left side of the search results page to restrict your search by:
    • University
    • Notice Type
    • Status
    • Region
    • Category

For more information, take a look at the New Search Webinar.