About the Bulletin

What is the Illinois Higher Ed Bulletin?

The Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Public Institutions of Higher Education is a free online resource for vendors wishing to do business with the public universities in Illinois and other public institutions.

Participating institutions post solicitations

The participating institutions post invitations for bid, requests for proposal, requests for information, and other types of solicitations for the different supplies and services they need.

Vendors find solicitations

Vendors can find solicitations they are interested in responding to, download solicitation documents, find information about how to respond to solicitations, and even bid electronically when noted on solicitations.

View Award Notices

Once the buyer has received all the responses for a solicitation, they will make a decision about how to move forward. The record of those decisions — whether the contract is awarded or not — is also posted on the Bulletin. Vendors can search for past award and renewal information.

The Chief Procurement Officer for Higher Education is responsible for publishing the Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Public Institutions of Higher Education, in conjunction with the Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative.

Helpful Links

Solicitation Opportunities with Higher Education

Illinois public universities purchase a wide range of goods and services to support each of their campuses and academic and institutional goals. For additional details about current contracts and or any of their individual policies and procedures for purchasing, please visit the purchasing website for the specific institution.

Illinois Procurement Code and Other Regulations

All Illinois public universities must follow the regulations set forth by the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500) as well as the Procurement Rules of the Chief Procurement Officer for Public Institutions of Higher Education (44 ill. Admin. Code 4). To learn more, visit the State Laws and Regulation page.


Have questions about something related to the Bulletin? You can get in touch with the Bulletin Manager at cpowebmaster@uillinois.edu or (217) 333-3596.

For other questions, please contact the appropriate procurement office.