Vendor Resources

To make sure your experience using the Illinois Higher Ed Bulletin is as successful as possible, we have compiled some resources for vendors to take advantage of.

Getting Started and Using the Bulletin Guides

Learn about the requirements for vendors wishing to do business with Illinois public universities and how to create your Illinois Higher Ed Bulletin account with our Getting Started - New Vendor Guide.

After your account's been created, learn how the bulletin works with our Using the Bulletin guide. This guide covers how to find and understand notices, how to electronically bid on solicitations through the bulletin, and more.

Pathway to Procurement

If you have questions about procurement in Illinois, the Pathway to Procurement website is the definitive source for information.

Illinois Procurement Gateway

The Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) is a streamlined, online process that allows those doing business with the state (including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and consultants) to enter, organize, and submit information, certification, and disclosure documents online, in advance of a particular procurement. Company registration on the IPG is required in order to use the Bulletin's e-bidding feature.

Register on the Illinois Procurement Gateway.

Supplier Diversity and Other Business Programs

The State of Illinois has additional programs to promote small business, woman-, female-, person with disabilities-owned business, veteran, or service-disabled veteran-owned business.

Learn if your business qualifies for these programs and how to register.

Registered Vendor Directory

State Laws and Regulations

Purchases at each of the thirteen Illinois public universities are regulated by various laws and regulations.

Review what laws impact procurement in Illinois.

Bid Limits

The small purchase limits for procurements under the authority of the CPO for Higher Education are set by statute as modified by 44 Ill. Admin. Code 4.2020.

See the current bid limits by category.


Unsure of what a particular term means in the context of the bulletin? We've put together a glossary of terms to help you out.

NIGP Codes

Universities use the codes to identify the supplies and services they are procuring. View full list of NIGP Codes.


Have questions about something related to the bulletin? You can get in touch with the Bulletin Manager at or (217) 333-3596.

For other questions, please contact the appropriate procurement office.