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Public Higher Education Bulletin

Illinois Comptroller
SoleSource #SS04272020

Announcement of a Sole Source Purchase

This notice has been modified
Published Friday May 29, 2020
This notice is to cancel the sole source hearing scheduled for May 20, 2020 as no interested parties requested a hearing. The decision to award the contract to Fluence Automation, LLC has been upheld by the CPO.
First published Friday, May 1, 2020
The University intends to award a contract for software and maintenence services for Apex sorter. to Fluence Automation, LLC, Arlington Heights, IL, for $199,618.
The Illinois Office of Comptroller (IOC) is giving notice of intent to enter into a sole source contract with Fluence Automation, LLC for software and maintenance services for its Apex sorter. A hearing is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on May 13, 2020, via Webex Meeting (Webex Number: 312-535-8110; Access Code: 288 712 067). Interested parties wishing to request a hearing or submit comments must do so in writing and submit their request to the notice contact. Request for a public hearing by an interested party or written comments shall be made by Friday, May 8, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. to: Eugene Oliver at E-mail: The hearing will be cancelled unless an interested party submits written comments or makes a written request for public hearing by Friday, May 8, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. to the notice contact listed above. If a public hearing is requested, the purchasing agency shall present testimony justifying the procurement method. Any interested party may present testimony for or against the awarding of a sole source contract. The purpose of the hearing will be to receive information from the public as to whether contract award by Sole Source is appropriate and in accordance with the Illinois Procurement Code. Formal rules of evidence will not apply. Hearings may be recorded in order to aid in the production of minutes. Parties may submit written comments in lieu of attending the hearing. Written comments will be afforded the same weight as oral comments received at hearing. After consideration of the testimony, the Chief Procurement Officer may approve the contract by the sole source procurement method.
The sole source hearing for May 20, 2020 has been cancelled due to no request for a hearing. This CPO has upheld the decision to award the contract for Fluence Automation, LLC for software and maintenance services for its Apex sorter. Written approval is attached.
The University has determined that this purchase is only economically available from this source because the item or service is copyrighted or patented and is not available except from the holder of the copyright or patent.

For instructions on how to obtain a comprehensive purchase description, disclosure or contract forms, contact:
Eugene Oliver
325 W Adams
Springfield, IL 62704
Phone: (217) 558-3356
Chief Procurement Officer - Ben Bagby
State Purchasing Officer - Shirley Webb

We will hold a public hearing at the date, time and location specified below, if we receive a request to testify regarding the sole source determination. We will also hold a hearing if any vendor submits a signed statement showing the capability to provide the stated supplies/services at or below the amount indicated.

The public hearing allows any interested party the opportunity to testify for or against the sole source determination as described in this notice. The purpose of the hearing is to receive information from the public in a reasonable manner. Formal rules of evidence will not apply. The hearing officer will produce minutes of the hearing and may record it in order to aid in the production of the minutes. After conclusion of the hearing we will decide whether the sole source determination was appropriate.

We must receive any request to testify and any vendor statement no later than the registration date and time indicated below. If we do not receive a timely request or statement, we will not hold the hearing. We reserve the right to cancel the procurement prior to any scheduled hearing. Please confirm the status of the hearing with the Hearing Contact.

Hearing Details

May 20, 2020
2:00 PM
, IL

Hearing Contact:
Eugene Oliver
Phone:(217) 558-3356
Additional Information: Please contact the Eugene Oliver via email as our office is working from home.
Potential participants are requested to call ahead to verify location and get directions. Date, time, and location are subject to change and/or cancellation. It is the responsibility of potential participants to confirm these details prior to attendance.

Registration Deadline:
May 15, 2020
Register with:
Eugene Oliver
Phone:(217) 558-3356

The State of Illinois has a policy to encourage prospective vendors to hire qualified veterans, minorities, females, persons with disabilities and ex-offenders.

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