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Public Higher Education Bulletin

University of Illinois System
PandASmall #9DGS2012

Announcement of a Professional & Artistic Award Under $100,000

Change Order
Published Monday August 3, 2020
Vendor: Ernst & Young LLP
Change Order Amount: $12,875
Change order being issued to amend University's IRS Form 990-T and IL Form 990-T for the tax year ending June 30, 2018. The need for these amendments were not foreseeable at the time of the original award. Furthermore, the amendments to these forms is germane to the original award. This change order does not extend the term of the original award.

The Chief Procurement Officer for this procurement is now John Donato.
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
Award Info Published Tuesday December 17, 2019
Awarded to:
Vendor: Ernst & Young LLP, Chicago, IL
Amount: An estimated $55,215
An estimated start date of 12/13/2019 through 12/12/2020
Start date will be upon contract execution and end date will be 364 days from the start date.
The University award process may be delayed up to thirty days as this award goes through a state approval process.
First published Tuesday, December 17, 2019
The University awarded a contract for Tax Preparation & Consulting Services.
This Professional and Artistic notice is published in accordance with 30 ILCS 500/35-35 and 44 ILL. Admin. Code 4.2035(e) which allows professional and artistic contracts under $100,000 to be made in accordance with 30 ILCS 500/35-30(f) and 44 ILL. Admin. Code 4.2020 (Small Purchases). The proposed awardee has the experience necessary to provide the University with tax preparation and consulting services specifically in relation to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The University is in the process of publishing a Request for Proposal Professional & Artistic for these services upon conclusion of this small purchase.
Tax preparation and tax consulting services.

For instructions on how to obtain a comprehensive purchase description, disclosure or contract forms, contact:
Daniel Szajna
System Purchasing and Support Services
507 E Green Street
Suite 501, MC-407
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: (217) 333-2650
FAX: (217) 239-6760
Chief Procurement Officer - Ben Bagby
State Purchasing Officer - Geno Marchizza

The State of Illinois has a policy to encourage prospective vendors to hire qualified veterans, minorities, females, persons with disabilities and ex-offenders.

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